YY Vertical is a French manufacturer of climbing and training accessories.

About the company

Founded in 2013, the brand gained popularity by introducing high-quality belay glasses for climbers, thanks to which, when belaying a partner, you do not have to raise your head and risk cervical spine pain. Over time, the company’s product range began to expand to include comprehensive equipment designed for individual stages of climbing training: from warm-up, through training, to regeneration.

The company’s offer is addressed to climbers of various levels of advancement, as well as to fans of other vertical sports, such as skiing, cross-country running or mountain biking. Intelligently designed grip boards, training balls and holds, as well as exercise equipment such as rings and resistance bands, provide excellent support and variety in training: they support its diversity and help increase its efficiency, while helping to reduce the risk of injury. The brand also offers a number of accessories, such as rope bags, chalk bags and many others.