The brand was founded in 2013 by experienced cyclists – enthusiasts of adventures and expeditions which are not limited by the weight of the luggage. They were looking for innovative solutions for the increasing popularity of bikepacking, i.e. light cycling tourism.

Apidura’s mission is to provide to fans of cycling adventures with technically advanced products that allow them to freely explore the world. The brand’s ideas and designs are the results of direct experiences and testings of product prototypes on various cycling trails by the wide cycling community cooperating with the company. Apidura designs address the needs of the most demanding cyclists. Technological innovations and the use of high-quality materials enable the creation of light, durable and fully waterproof bags, panniers and bicycle bags.

 The Expedition, Racing, Backcountry and City product series offer lightweight and weather-resistant bags that can be easily attached to the handlebar, frame and saddle of your bike, regardless of whether you plan to ride off-road or in the city.

Apidura attaches great importance to limiting its negative impact on the environment. It places great emphasis on conscious and responsible purchasing decisions. Therefore, the brand’s bags are designed in accordance with the “Built to Last” principle, i.e. with functionality and maximum durability in mind. The universality and versatility of the designs allow them to be used in various types of bicycles, as well as the ease of repair. Apidura encourages you to buy less and less often and take care of your equipment. It is also constantly looking for new and more effective solutions to reduce its carbon footprint (e.g. by offering only one product color). All products are free from toxic PFAS.

Apidura is also B Corp certified, as the company that maintains the highest standards of sustainable development practices. It is also a member of the global Shift Cycling Culture movement, which activates the cycling industry and community to protect the environment and fight climate change.