In 2015, in nearby Bavaria, at the foot of the Alps, after many tests, Markus Wiesböck, the creator and owner of the Grüezi Bag brand, finally developed an innovative project of sleeping bags insulated with sheep’s wool, the so-called Almwolle (wool from mountain sheep). Since then, the company has been constantly developing, focusing on innovation and at the same time taking care of conscious and ecological production.

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Grüezi Bag’s way to break into the sleeping bag market was a completely different approach to the subject and mentioned search for innovation. The first to appear was a sleeping bag filled exclusively with sheep’s wool, which quickly gained many enthusiasts. The next step was a sleeping bag that not only provides excellent thermal properties, but also has a low weight and high compactness. The key was the new filling – DownWool, which is an ideal combination of down and wool and combines their key features, excellent insulating, thermal and compression properties of down as well as warmth and dryness provided by wool.

Since then, the brand has gained popularity and is developing rapidly. It has also won a number of awards and distinctions, including the ISPO Award 2019 – Product of the Year and the Outdoor Industry Award, several years in a row.

Currently, the brand offers wide range of sleeping bags for outdoor enthusiasts, meeting the needs of expeditions, tourism, home, camping and even bushcraft & survival. In addition, there are kilts to warm up amateurs of sleeping outdoors, in hammocks, as well as blankets or electric leg warmers for travel and home use, as well as clothing and accessories.